Corona Update!

The health and safety of our employees, customers and partners are paramount, which is why we at Seabourne Group closely monitor developments around the Corona virus. We follow the general guidelines and instructions of RIVM and other authorities. Although the chance of bacteria and viruses being transmitted is minimal through our packages, scanners or tablets, we can understand the increasing concerns among our recipients. Of course we want to ensure that the packages are delivered correctly.  The movement of Goods is still open and without any restrictions. Seabourne and his partners operates therefore still as business as usual. Please be advised that we hear more and more that crossing borders will be a challenge. Follow our most recent news here>> Corona Update 

onze supply chain:

  • Orderverwerking
  • Voorraadbeheer
  • Distributie
  • Reverse Logistics

onze vracht services:

  • Luchtvracht
  • Zeevracht
  • Wegtransport
  • Import en export diensten
  • Kunst en veilingen
  • Gevaarlijke goederen

onze express service:

  • Geplande - en tijds leveringen
  • Zelfde dag levering / 'sameday' service
  • Gevaarlijke goederen
  • Kunst, Antiek & Veilingen
  • On-board koeriers

Our Mail Services

  • 30 years experience of mail services
  • Offering a truly global service
  • Flexible approach means we give you what you need
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